Hippy Self-Care Guide: Considerations to
Help You Persevere And Overcome

Kelliann Gomez

1. Are you drinking enough water and eating enough nutritional food?
If not, have a glass of water and/or a healthy snack or meal with lots of protein for bone health, like bone broth soup, a kale salad, or raw almonds.

2. Have you said something nice today?
If not, do so. Whether it’s in person or online, give someone a genuine compliment or send them a thank-you note telling him/her how awesome he/she is.

3. Have you gotten any exercise today?
If not, try some of your PT exercises, even if it’s just ankle pumps or isometrics. Go for a walk/crutch/roll, even if it’s just around your house. Better yet, if it’s sunny out, soak up some sun, even if that just means just sitting outside or opening a window while you squeeze your glutes.

4. Have you listened to your favorite music lately?
If not, pop on some something good. Sing along; dance in your chair or around the room, etc.… Whatever feels best without hurting you or breaking your restrictions. You can head bob and do jazz hands like a pro!

5. If possible, have you showered recently?
If you haven’t, take a shower. If you can’t, try something like a sponge bath or even just washing your face and/or hair with your favorite at-home spa products like a mud mask and your favorite aromatherapy.

6. If it’s daytime, are you dressed?
If not, put on a nice, clean outfit—something that makes you happy, like a cute shirt or a pretty dress. Even if you aren’t able to go out today, it may help you feel more human and put together. If you can’t put on or wear your favorite outfit, try cute but comfy clothes like dresses or leggings.

7. If it’s nighttime, are you resisting going to sleep or just can’t sleep?
Get comfortable in some soft pajamas and blankets in bed. Avoid electronic screens and put on some soothing audio or visualization exercises to help you relax. If you still can’t sleep, feel free to get up and try again later, maybe after a cup of chamomile tea or a good book. Poor sleep can most definitely affect mood, so be kind to you and try to rest as much as possible.

8. Have you cuddled a living being recently?
If not, get some cuddles! Ask a loved one for a hug or get some cuddles in with your fur baby. You’re worth it, and you’re not imposing by asking.

9. Do you feel unattractive?
Take a selfie in the cute outfit you’re wearing whether it be the comfy PJs you just put on or the cute outfit, and let people tell you how good you look and how awesome you are by posting it. Bonus: All of that work you put into getting dressed isn’t for naught!

If you’re self-conscious about your scar, take a scar selfie and show your fellow hippies. We love scars, and we’ll remind you just how awesome that warrior wound is!

10. Do you feel ineffective?
Pause and get something done no matter how small. Reply to an email, send someone a thank-you note, do your PT exercises, write a to-do list, etc.… It doesn’t have to be big, and it shouldn’t be more than you can reasonably do with your pain and/or restrictions.

11. Do you feel inadequate or like you’re behind your peers?
Write down a list of accomplishments whether big or small, and remember that your situation and your body are unique. Nobody else’s accomplishments detract from your own. Your friend’s marathon is impressive, but so is the fact that you got out of bed today with your pelvis all sawed apart.

12. Have you been overexerting yourself mentally, physically, or emotionally lately?
If so, the effects from overexerting yourself can last for days. Give yourself a break with some alone time, physically resting, doing something you enjoy, or trying out a new hobby.

13. Have you recently changed any of your medications in the past few weeks, including skipped doses, changing to generics, and removing medications?
This could be affecting your body in a number of ways. Give things a few days, and then consult with your doctor if symptoms persist.

14. Has your low mood been an ongoing issue?
If not, give yourself a week. Sometimes our perception is skewed, especially between the pain, lifestyle changes, and all of the other facets of hip dysplasia and physical illness. Starting a journal to track your mood and daily obstacles may help.

If this is an ongoing issue, there is no shame in seeking help. You are going through an incredibly trying time, and everybody needs help sometimes.

15. Do you feel bogged down by negativity?
A daily gratitude journal or something similar in which you reflect on what you’re thankful for can be uplifting and have a very positive impact on your mood. Save your entries so that you can look back on them later on particularly low days.

You have made it through a lot, and you can make it through this. You are stronger than you realize. Keep going, PAO Warrior!

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This guide was adapted from Eponis | Sinope on Tumblr.

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Kelliann was born and raised in the Los Angeles area, but home is wherever her husband and two cats are. She has yet to meet a cat, library, or thrift store that she does not like. Little else has had quite the impact on her life than hip dysplasia has, but for the life lessons she has learned (and is still learning) throughout this journey, she chooses to be grateful. She aspires to continue learning, growing, and experiencing life through the ups,
downs, and everything in-between.