The PAO Project™ website is a resource for those diagnosed with hip dysplasia, considering PAO surgery, or recovering from PAO surgery.  It is also a great resource for friends, family and caretakers of those who are suffering from chronic hip pain or recovering from PAO surgery.

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JenLeseaAmes_headshotWhen I was diagnosed with bilateral hip dysplasia in 2013 at the age of 39, it was a shock. At times, I felt my world was falling apart, but, in fact, my world was falling into place.  My story is only one of many, and I learned a lot from others’ experiences. This project served as an opportunity for those who have been diagnosed with hip dysplasia and have had PAO surgery to submit their heartfelt, soul journey stories which are published in the anthology,  Onward: Navigating through Hip Dysplasia, Periacetabular Osteotomy Surgery and Beyond, Volume 1. Click here to view March 2016 press release.

I was inspired to start The PAO Project™ to provide a central place to share
your unique story and to read other stories, so you know that you are not alone!